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29-Sep-2021 | 9 minute read

If you’re a KlipDraw user and would like to share your analysis work with our community and get some exposure into the bargain, we’re making our blog available as a promotional platform.


If you’d like to be a guest analyst, email us at to discuss your idea and we’ll publish the best work we receive.


This article will outline the type of article we’re looking for…

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What's in it for You?

Fame and fortune? Maybe not...but you will get the opportunity to show off your analysis and KlipDrawing skills to a community which encompasses thousands of users around the globe.


As well as publishing your work on our blog, we'll publicise your work on all of our social media channels, helping to get your name out to as many people as possible.


Additionally, we're putting our crack team of writers and editors at your disposal to make your article as readable as it can possibly be. 


Want more? Your article will be translated into Spanish in order to reach the highest number of readers as possible.


So, just to be clear, we're offering to get your name out there into the wider KlipDraw analysis community. As we say, this may not bring you fame and fortune (though stranger things have happened - you never know who is reading!) but rather the prestige and the chance to show off a little bit! Working with KlipDraw and not sure what to do with your finished analyses? Why not let them loose upon the world!


But First, Let’s Talk...

Before you run off, create a full analysis and send it to us expecting to be published automatically, take a breath. First of all, we want to hear your idea. Send us an email outlining the article you would like to create. Once we give you the ok, then you can get going. This approach saves both our time and yours.


Secondly, we know that English is not the native language of the majority of our users and, as such, we don’t expect you to write your article in perfect English. In fact, we’re more than willing to help you in regards to language.


Read on for more details...


What We Are Offering You

The Communication Team at KlipDraw is here to help, whether you want to retain full control of the article or whether you want the help of our talented team of writers.


As such, we propose two ways of working: 


1. Write your own analysis and send it to us

In this case, you’ll be in full control of the article. You will create the drawings, either static jpeg frames or in video format, and prepare the text to accompany them.


Our input will be minimal in this case. We’ll check and edit the text and adapt the format to conform to our blog’s style. We may make small changes to the text in order to position the article on Google and bring more people to read it, but we’ll check with you before publishing and make sure you’re happy with any changes. 


As for the length, we would like your article to come in at around 700 words. Again, don’t worry if you have something shorter as we can help you bulk it out to reach the desired word count.


And images to illustrate the analysis? We can add up to maximum of 15 photos, created in KlipDraw, to your blog posts. If you want to use video clips, you must host them yourself, for example on YouTube or in a tweet, and provide us with the URL. We will then embed them into the post.


Again, don’t worry if language is not your strong point as we have another option...


man writing klipdraw guest blog


2. We help you write the article

In this case, you provide us with an overview of your analysis and tell us the key points you want to highlight and we’ll take care of the writing. Of course, we can’t read minds, so you need to be specific about what you want to highlight in the analysis.


In other words, you take care of the analysis and we’ll take care of the writing, shaping your observations into a readable article.


Of course, in either case, you will be credited as the author of the article.


What Type of Content Do We Want?

Although we’re well aware that the majority of KlipDraw users are involved in football or basketball, we’re quite happy to shine a spotlight on any sporting discipline. 


Having said that, we’d like the analysis to be based on a recognised subject or category in order to attract the maximum amount of interest and readers to the blog. 


Here are a few examples:


  • A newsworthy player or a top players. Example: "A Chicago Bulls game with Michael Jordan" or "The 5 Top Players in the Bundesliga."

  • A team or coach. Example: “Erik ten Hag's Ajax”.

  • An analysis of a historically significant team. Example: "Jugoplastika in the 1990 Season".

  • A specific aspect of a team's game. Example: "The Build Up and Pressuring of Chelsea’s Midfield."

  • A match. Example: "The Tokyo 2021 Basketball Final: France vs The United States".

But these are just examples. In general, we are open to any ideas which our readers might be interested in or an analysis that brings a new perspective to an old idea.


In other words, if the subject has already been written about extensively, the article must bring a unique point of view to the table. Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho, et al  have all been written about ad nauseam. If you were to talk about them, you must bring something original or different to the discussion. 


If you’ve got a good idea, write to us at and we’ll discuss it. We can even give you some guidance to shape your idea.


Want to Show Your Ability but Struggling for Ideas?

Then write to us.


We have a list of topics and we can assign you something which suits your particular skills.


Let’s work together and unite our ideas with your analytical skills to create truly engaging content for our readers.


klipdraw guest blog on pc


So, What Are You Waiting for?

If you want to see your work published on our blog, the time is now! Get your thinking cap on and get in touch with us.


And don’t worry if your idea is not fully formed, we’re here to work with you and see your project to fruition.


We look forward to hearing from you! 


Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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