Limited Time Offer for Official KlipDraw Motion Course Alumni


04-Aug-2021 | 3 minute read

The Official KlipDraw Motion Course is now available and it comes with a special offer that you just can’t miss!


If you take the course, you’re entitled to a discount on the full KlipDraw Motion software, equivalent to the price of the course.


But be quick! This offer will only be available for a limited time (until next 31st December 2021).

Cool! What’s the Offer?

When you sign up for the Official Motion Course, the price you pay will be discounted from the price of the full version of KlipDraw Motion. 


Note, this offer is only valid for new licenses and is not valid for upgrades from Basic or Animate. In addition, this cannot be used in conjunction with other KlipDraw offers.


Who Can Take Advantage of This Offer?

Anyone enrolled on the Official KlipDraw Motion Course will be given the opportunity to take advantage of this offer for as long as it’s active. 


How Long Do I Have to Decide? 

You have a total of 3 months to take advantage of the discount. This period begins from the time you start the KlipDraw Motion Course. 


In other words, you can still use the 3-month license that is included with the course and, before that expires, buy the full license with this discount.


If this 3-month period lapses without you taking advantage of the offer then you’ll have missed the opportunity.




Can I Use This Offer and Activate My License at a Later Time?

The license period starts on the day of purchase and ends either 6 months or 1 year later, depending on which option you choose. 


This means that you cannot buy the license and activate it at a later date. If you buy the full license before the course license ends, you will have two active KlipDraw licenses.


In other words, our software licenses are completely independent of each other, run concurrently, and cannot be stacked.


Can I Return the Software for a Refund If I Change My Mind?

Yes, you can get a refund as long as your request complies with the terms and conditions of sale. But please remember that the course and software are two different products that are linked for a specific promotion. 


This means that the refund on the software will not include the price you paid for the Official Course which, once completed, cannot be refunded.


How Many Licenses Can I Buy with This Discount?

You are entitled to the discount on one license per course purchased.


Can I Combine this Discount with Other KlipDraw Promotions? 

No. This promotion cannot be combined with any other active KlipDraw promotion such as discount codes, promotional licenses or the special deal for Nacsport clients.


If you have any other questions about this promotion, we suggest that you get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to put your mind at rest.


Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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