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25-Oct-2021 | 13 minute read

In this article, we’re going to give you 10 simple tips that are guaranteed to improve the quality of your KlipDraw animations and drawings. This means that you’ll be able to transmit your ideas much more effectively and, dare we say it, the final results will be much more attractive to the viewer.


Simply knowing how the software works doesn’t always imply that the user knows how to get the most out of it. And while KlipDraw is undoubtedly easy to use, it is deep enough that a user with talent will be able to get more out of it.


This is similar to using programs such as Photoshop or Premier. If you’ve ever used these programs, you’ll know that the actual tools are easy to use...but creating something eye-catching is another story entirely.


So, to help you get more creative, we’ve compiled some of the best ideas given to us by our user base, as well as some of our ideas, and here is the result...a list which can add to the aesthetics and practicalities of your work.


So, let’s get down to business: 10 tips to improve your KlipDrawing...

1. One Colour Per Team (Resist the Rainbow)

Ok, we’ll start with one of the most basic tips...using colour correctly. Very often, new KlipDraw users, finding themselves in control of an almost limitless colour palette, spew every colour of the rainbow over their video and create technicolour nightmares.


This is a mistake, obviously!


Listen, why do you think that all players in a team, be it basketball, football, rugby or any other team sport, wear the same colours? It’s for easy identification, right? Imagine if every player was dressed differently, the game would become infinitely more confusing!


And it’s the same for your KlipDrawing. Keep your visual message simple and choose one colour per team. But what colour should you choose?


Well, we would suggest that you keep everything coordinated and use the shirt colours of each team. Just make sure the contrast between each is clear. Dark colours don’t coexist well together, so, if in doubt, go with light colours, like in this example: 



Of course, this advice (like all the tips in this article) is just that...advice. It’s not the be all and end all of colour selection and, of course, there are exceptions.


For example, you may want to highlight a specific player within the team. Obviously, to make them stand out, you should use a distinct colour.


Consistency is definitely important though. Don’t start highlighting your team with orange at the beginning of the match then decide to change to purple at halftime. This will do nothing but confuse the viewer.


2. Be Consistent with Tools Too

This relates to the first point. Again, we know that when you’ve got a huge selection of drawing tools, it’s extremely tempting to slather them all over your videos. Yeah, the tools are great, but you don’t have to use them all at the same time!


If, for example, you’ve used a base to highlight a player, don’t start using the full spotlight later in the video to do the same thing. Be consistent.


Of course, we’re not telling you not to combine tools, on the contrary. But you do need a certain amount of coherence as this will help the viewer understand the message you’re trying to convey.


In this example, you’ll see that we’ve decided to highlight the defense with bases and attack with spotlights. We’ve also chosen to highlight the two players in the same team in two colours: yellow and white. We know that this contradicts the advice in point one, but we’ve done it for a reason...we want to highlight the person who scores the try.



3. A Different Line for Each Movement Type

KlipDraw puts a multitude of different line types at your disposal, each with slight differences. You must choose the one that best represents the movement you want to convey.


But, again, there must be consistency.


Use the same type of line for the same type of highlight. If you don’t do this, how can you ever hope to differentiate a shot from a save or a dribble from a dropkick.


Check out this great example from KlipDraw user, Luka Bassin. His use of lines is strong, consistent and clear throughout the entire klip.


  • A white line = a pass
  • A continuous yellow line = movement without the ball
  • A red line = alternative routes
  • A T-shaped line = a block
  • Zigzag line = movement with the ball



4. Combine Tools for Unique Effects

Think outside the box for new perspectives and great results.


Combine tools to achieve new visual effects with KlipDraw. In this example, we can see that KlipDraw user Ibra has combined the area tool with the linked bases tool to highlight the space between two lines of the team.


The effect is much more obvious, precise and attractive than if both tools had simply been used separately.



5. Legible Text 

When transmitting a message, drawings and animations are not always sufficient on their own. In these cases, you may want to add some text.


When adding text, it’s important that writing is readable and understandable. Here are some common errors when it comes to text...


Whimsical Fonts

When it comes to communication, the simpler the better. Use clear, well known fonts such Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana. Why do you think you know the names of these fonts already? Because they’re famous for being readable, of course. They are used in multiple websites, magazines and newspapers that you read everyday.


Avoid novelty fonts or fonts that try to simulate handwriting in some way. Comic Sans? In the bin!


Because there is a limited amount of space for text boxes, the writing may be quite small, so these fancy fonts may well become unreadable when shrunk down.


Text on Noisy Backgrounds

We can describe a background as noisy if it has too many colours, objects, lines, etc. In these cases, it can be difficult to choose a font that will be fully legible. For example, a black text on a background which is also partially black will be unreadable.


In these cases, we recommend using a box with a uniform background colour in which you can place your text.


Here’s an example of using boxes to make the text legible...



Text Size

There are many KlipDraw users who like to share their work on social media, but sometimes, they include too much text, meaning they are forced to lower the font size. Maybe on a computer screen this looks fine, but on a mobile device...it’s practically impossible to read.


We recommend that you do so A/B testing to make sure the text is readable on any size of screen.


Text Speed

There’s only one thing worse than an overly long video and that’s one that goes too fast. Nobody likes having to rewind and pause to be able to get the message. Our recommendation? Reduce the amount of text or keep it on screen long enough to read.


6. Sequencing: Tell a Story

In a single video frame, you may have several ideas to convey. Trying to display every message at the same time is not recommended. And this is where Animate’s sequencing tools come into play. They help you get your message across in the best possible way.


Sequencing basically gives order to your analysis. Drawings and animations are timed to appear and disappear at certain times, meaning that you can actually tell a coherent story.


Take a look at this example:



7. Sometimes, Less Is More

We’re not exactly minimalists here at KlipDraw, but after years of watching videos, we’ve got a fair idea of what type of video illustrations work...those that transmit their message as clearly and efficiently as possible.


And how do you achieve this type of efficient communication?


By keeping it simple. Make your videos with as few drawings and animations as possible. As we said above...less is more.


8. Repeat the Clip without Animations 

We’ve seen several people doing this and it seems to be a pretty good idea.


First, create a Klip that contains animations and then repeat the clip a second time round without animations. This allows the viewer to focus on the prompts and illustrations the first time round and then see the game with a different set of eyes the second.


This is something we’ve seen many of the best KlipDraw content makers do and it really does help get the message across more effectively.


Here’s another example from Luka Bassin: 



9. Layer Your Drawings

The extraction tool is one of the most underrated tools in the KlipDraw arsenal. Basically, you extract an image from the video frame such as a player. You then place a drawing such as pitch area or arrow on the field and then put the player back down on top of this image.


This layers your video, keeping it neat, tidy and, most importantly, clear.



This tool definitely helps you create much more attractive videos and this tutorial video will show you how to use it effectively.



10. Create New Shapes

KlipDraw offers you a variety of shapes to play with out of the box. Squares, diamonds, triangles...you know the score, nothing you haven’t seen in other telestration software.


But the great thing about KlipDraw that these base shapes can be edited, manipulated and rotated on 3 axes using the to get exactly the shape you’re looking for.


Take a look at these examples:




And if you need more examples on how to use the rotation tools, check out this tutorial.



Got Any Tips?

So, that’s all for now. We hope you find these tips useful for your own work. If you have any questions or would like to make your own suggestions, get in touch with us through any of our social media channels.


Thanks for reading!


Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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