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06-Sep-2022 | 9 minute read

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing a series of KlipDraw hacks and tips on our social media channels. The aim of these posts was to teach you how to make your drawings with KlipDraw look more professional and improve communication with your audience.


In this blog, we have decided to compile all of these hacks into one handy post which you can bookmark for your personal reference.


Of course, we’ll continue to share more hints and tips on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, so come and give us a follow to keep up to date with this type of content.


Let’s get started…

Hack #1: Use Spotlights and Bases Wisely

Don’t chop your players' legs off by using full bases. Use open bases instead. These hide the upper part of the circle allowing for tidier and better looking graphics.


Additionally, when linking multiple bases, use the Object Mover to layer your frame and ensure that lines appear under the players, not on top of them. Improve your perspective!


In this example, you can see how this can be applied to football. Notice how the top image looks particularly untidy due to the use of closed bases. The bottom image, on the other hand, looks much tidier thanks to the use of open bases.


klipdraw hacks bases football


The process is similar when combining spotlights and bases. Check out this tennis image.


In the first picture, a spotlight with base  is used. But if you look at the player’s feet, the results are a bit off. 


But mix the spotlight without base with an open base, and the resulting image is more pleasing. Combining these tools is sure to improve your message.


KlipDraw Hacks spotlights and bases tennis

Hack #2: Spotlights and Bases in KlipDraw Motion

The above tips don’t just apply to drawing on single frames, but also on moving videos.


Here's a mistake we see many KlipDraw Motion users making. Sometimes, it's better to use a spotlight without a base, especially in busy clips with lots of players around.


See the difference in the vid below:




Hack #3: Alternative Tools for Highlighting Players

Everyone knows the KlipDraw tools are designed to effectively highlight players. But with a little imagination, there are a few alternatives to the typical spotlights and bases. You can even get your frames to look like they are taken from popular football video games!


Check out some of these alternatives and try them for yourself.


Top Left: Object Mover + Basic Shapes (circle) + change perspective with X, Y and Z keys.


Top Right: Inverted triangle + change perspective with X, Y and Z keys (FIFA 22 style).


Bottom Left: Text at the base of the player (you can also change the perspective).


Bottom Right: Combine Object Mover + circle + triangle + change perspective with X, Y and Z keys (PES style)


KlipDraw Hacks Alt

Hack #4: Change the Perspective of Surfaces and Shapes

Did you know you can edit KlipDraw Surfaces and Shapes to improve your visual messages?


Many users simply create squares, circles and ellipses without paying attention to the viewing perspective...and the results could be much better!


If you want to improve, here are two quick tips: (1) use the X, Y and Z keys to rotate the image and adapt it to the perspective (hold Alt to rotate in the opposite direction), (2) customise any shape to your liking by clicking and dragging the shape editing points.


KlipDraw Hacks Perspective Football


Here’s a similar example from the tennis court.


Use the X, Y and Z keys or edit points to adapt shapes to the camera's perspective. 


Use the Object Extractor to place players on top of shapes for a much cooler and cleaner result.


KlipDraw Hacks Perspective Tennis

Hack #5: Use Lines to Get the Correct Perspective

We realise getting the correct perspective might not always be easy, so here’s a useful tip for you.


If you want to create shapes with the corrective perspective, do this.


1.    Extract the players to create a new layer.
2.    Draw guidelines. Use the cut of the grass and lines of the pitch.
3.    Create a shape and adapt it to the points where guidelines intersect.
4.    Edit the shape and delete the guidelines.


Check this video to see how it’s done:




Hack#6: Pin the Zoom

Did you know that KlipDraw's Zoom tool allows you to pin the zoomed area and extract it to another part of the image? This way, you can see the zoomed area without obscuring the original image.


Here’s an example from the football field. As you can see, pinning and moving the zoom makes for a less cluttered image.

KlipDraw Hacks Pinned Zoom Football


And here’s another example from the basketball court. Try this hack for yourself and see the difference!


KlipDraw Hacks Pinned Zoom Basketball

Hack #7: Use PNG Images Instead of JPEGs

Did you know that you can use PNG images in KlipDraw? 


Add team logos or player photos in this format to make use of the transparency they offer.


PNG images can also be used in combination with text boxes for a more professional effect. 


Check the photos to see the difference.

KlipDraw Hacks PNG Images


Try It for Yourself

So, there you have it, seven useful hacks for making your KlipDraw images and videos much clearer and more professional. Utilising these hacks will, undoubtedly, improve communication between you and your team.


Already got KlipDraw? Fire up the program and give it a try for yourself.


Not yet discovered the power of KlipDraw? Try it FREE for 30 days, right now.


We hope this post has been useful to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.


Until then…thanks for reading.

Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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