What Should You Look for in Your Sports Video Analysis Software?


26-Feb-2021 | 14 minute read

Yep, I see you there, looking for a quick and easy answer to this question. Should be easy to answer right? I mean, every piece of sports video analysis software is the same, right? They all do the same things, surely? 


“Just tell me the best one to buy and be done with it!”, I hear you say.


Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no quick and easy answer to this question. Why? Because it all depends on you and what you want to do with it. What might be the correct solution for that coach over there in the corner eating an orange might not be right for you.


So, instead, let’s take a look at some factors you might want to consider before buying your software…



Video analysis purpose


Here’s your starting point when considering which software to buy. What are you going to use it for?


For example, if you’re looking for a lightweight program that will allow you to highlight and analyse on field position for delivering clear and powerful messages to coaches and players, then we can thoroughly recommend...ahem...KlipDraw!


Yep, that’s right! For adding additional information to your sports videos that will keep your audience fully informed, whether they be players, coaches or YouTube subscribers, there’s no better software for you than KlipDraw Basic, Animate or Motion!


But enough of the self-aggrandising…


If you’re looking to do a serious in-depth analysis of an athlete’s biomechanical movement, then perhaps KlipDraw is not the best fit for you. 


You’re probably looking for something a bit more subject-specific with a lot more analytical power behind it. Perhaps you’ll need it to be compatible with specialist equipment such as motion sensors. Of course, these types of software tend to be much more expensive than our humble program, so maybe you can find a way to make do with what we give you!


Which brings us to our next point…


Synergy and Versatility


KlipDraw and Codimg


Again, this will depend on what you need your software for but, generally speaking, you’ll want some degree of versatility in your software and perhaps a degree of synergy with other programs.


There are some video analysis solutions which are completely closed systems, which is to say that when you buy them, you buy the full package of software and hardware (computers, cameras and any other peripheries that might be needed). The problem with this type of system is that if there is any problem with one part of the system, then this puts a complete spanner in the works of your analysis work. 


Your freedom of choice is also curbed.


There are other types of analysis software which are limited to certain types of sport, whether that be football, basketball or whatever. Again, this is fine if you’re only looking to analyse that one sport, not so great if you want to diversify.


KlipDraw can be used with any sport. More than this, it can be adapted for use outside of traditional sport. We’ve seen it being used for a variety of applications, especially when paired with Codimg Video Analysis Software, where it has been used for tasks as diverse as esports, medical simulation, corporate training and education.


Talking about Codimg...KlipDraw has a large degree of synergy with other analysis software. 


As well as Codimg, it can also be integrated seamlessly into Nacsport software and other sports analysis suites.


Ease of Use

Do you want to have to study for years in order to be able to work with your software? Because you can if you want! There are plenty of software packages that are extremely complicated to use and, again, there is a place for this…


But if you want an example of something which is simple pick up and play with, then get KlipDraw.

expectations of klipdraw


We guarantee that within a couple of hours, you’ll be capable of producing high quality videos, exporting them and sharing them with teammates.


In fact, we’ve got a course that will comprehensively cover almost every aspect of our software and this can be completed in two weeks or less. Quick and easy to pick up and use well…although mastery will fall on your own shoulders!


klipdraw course


Related to courses, let’s move on to our next topic…


After Sales Service and Resources

Please, do check the reputation of any company with which you’re thinking of buying your software from.


Yes, there are some fantastic folk out there who’ll patiently walk you through any problems or questions you might have. On the other hand, there are those who abandon you as soon as the cheque clears. 


We won’t mention any names.


Rest assured that the KlipDraw after sales service is top-drawer. Any problems you might have, we’ll do our best to solve ASAP. At the same time, we also put a wealth of free learning resources at your disposal including video tutorials on our YouTube channel and occasional webinars to show off specific features of the product.


We’re also extremely active on social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where we share news, tips and showcase the work of other KlipArtists to inspire you. The resources section of our website is extensive and we answer all FAQs comprehensively.


Of course, you’ve also got this blog that you’re reading now, regularly updated with great analysis hints, tips and news!

klipdraw video analysis resources



We hate to talk about money but, of course, it’s going to be one of the major factors when trying to decide which analysis software to buy.


Being a relatively new discipline, there’s not an overwhelming amount of choice out there, but there are a few different options which you’ll have to weigh up. There are also a few different payment options which you’ll have to negotiate. These options boil down to:



Sounds great, right? But surely there’s a sting in the tail here. Well, in many cases, “free” is a hook to draw you into a product which has many of its basic features hidden behind a pay-wall. This method is used to get you into their infrastructure and to part with your hard-earned further along the line. Don’t expect to do too much amazing analysis work with the included free features, although they can be a good place to start. 


Many sports analysis companies have free versions such as Dartfish and MetricaSports, but do your research before you get sucked in!


And then there is the software that is actually free. Programs such as Kinovea, an open source software which is free to download. The open source nature of the program means that it is in a constant state of evolution with occasional new features being added.


The downside of this is that constant evolution can make the software bloated, complicated and unstable, especially if you opt for the Beta version. The interface doesn’t have the clean and polished feel of paid-for software.


Additionally, many features which you’d normally expect to get from your software may be missing. Kinovea, for example, is a sports video player with features allowing you to track an athlete’s movement. That does not mean it’s particularly great for tagging a match like you can do in Nacsport or for adding telestrating your videos as with KlipDraw.


Lastly, there’s no official support, although there is an active community of users behind the scenes.


Subscription Model

The majority of sports analysis software packages are now sold via the subscription model.


What does this mean?


Well, basically, that you pay a monthly or annual fee in order to keep using the application. If you decide to stop paying, you will no longer have access to the program.


There are many plus and minus points to this style of payment, we know our friends at Nacsport, who don’t believe in the subscription model, have a lot to say on this subject.


But, as we said, the majority of big players in this market, Sportscode, Dartfish, et al, all use this model.


And so does KlipDraw! 


You can elect to pay for our software for periods of 6 months or a year, after which you elect to buy a new license...or not.


As we said, there are many pluses and minuses when discussing this type of business model but, in our case, we believe it is the best option for you, the user. It means that you don’t have to lay out a large amount for software that you may stop using within a year.


That being said, we’re not asking you to fork over thousands every year…

klipdraw prices video analysis


The One-Off Payment Model

Nothing much to say about this one, to be honest. When you buy the software, you’ve bought it and you own it for life.


The above mentioned Nacsport and Codimg use this model but they seem to be outliers in the field at the moment with almost all other companies switching to the subscription model, as you can see in this product comparison page.


Is it better?


Well, that’s for you to decide. You need to weigh up all the options and decide which is the best for you, which is the entire purpose of this article.



There are quite a few options when it comes to sports analysis software packages but, at the end of the day, the choice falls on your own shoulders.


The one you eventually choose will depend, to a large extent, on your needs and budget. Use this text and the links we’ve added to do your homework and choose wisely.


As we said right at the start, the purpose of this text is to help you in making a decision, not to big up our product, that being said…


KlipDraw is a powerful program for sports video analysis, it has many tools and features. It is easy to learn, intuitive and affordable and we also offer a FREE 30-day trial so that you can test drive it for yourself. Click the link below (desktop only) to get started right now.


Klipdraw free trial


If you have any questions or comment about this article, please get in contact with us through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


As always, thanks for reading!

Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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