5 Influential Basketball Coaches to Follow on Twitter


10-Mar-2021 | 9 minute read

KlipDraw is a versatile tool. Of this there is absolutely no doubt. You just need to look at the KlipDraw roster of coaches, technical staff, influencers and casual users to see this. And they come from all walks of life, from amateurs to professional, in a myriad of sports. Football, hockey, handball, polo, esports and, of course, basketball are all represented.


And our reach is global. There are people in almost every country in the world using our software.


So, today, we’d like to single out a few people in our global community who we feel have done absolutely sterling work with our software. These are people who have caught our eye with their fantastic use of the software. People who have shared their work with us on social media and have helped us grow as a community. People who are, without doubt, experts in their field. 


In short, people who are exemplary KlipDrawers.


So, without further ado, and in no particular order (it’s not a competition folks!)...here are 5 influential basketball coaches currently using KlipDraw…

Luka Bassin


Luka Bassin is a former pro basketball player based in the beautiful country of Slovenia. Currently working as a Player Development Coach at Cedevita Olimpija in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, Luka has had a long and distinguished career in Basketball coaching.


He has worked with many players at Youth, National and Senior levels that have gone on to play in the NBA and he states that one of his specialities is working with young prospects, helping them to build their game to a professional level. To this end, Luka has organised basketball camps throughout the Balkans and beyond.


Another of Luka’s specialities is video analysis and he is an expert with KlipDraw. Take a look through his Twitter feed and you will see highly technical basketball videos that use the full range of tools available in KlipDraw. In fact, Luka owns BassketSTUDIO which produces high quality basketball videos.


Follow Luka on Twitter and YouTube for more great basketball content.



Kostas Kalogeropoulos


Here’s another professional, licensed basketball coach with a long storied history.


Kostas Kalogeropoulos has more than 17 years experience in coaching and, not unlike Luka Bassin, he is a champion of the youth game, coaching many youth teams and taking many young players through the ranks.


Kostas is a member of the Greek Basketball Coaches Association and is currently working at 3 time Euroleague champions, Olympiacos BC, as an assistant coach in the development and under-18 teams and head coach of the under-15s.


Clear concise messages are obviously important to Coach Kostas and the KlipDraw content he posts are full of useful messages for developing players, drawing from examples from the NBA and Euroleague.


You can find the coach on Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.



Annanya Raghavan

Of course, it’s not just the boys who are producing fantastic work with KlipDraw. Annanya Raghavan is perhaps not as active on social media as our previous two KlipArtists, but she has certainly caught our eye with her detailed basketball reports, posted on LinkedIn and punctuated with KlipDrawn videos.


Another former player, Annanya is currently working as a statistician at San Francisco’s NBA team, Golden State Warriors.


Annanya is also involved in the Gen Z Hoops podcast, giving regular reports as the resident Pacific Division expert.


Check out the list of Annanya's fantastic articles on LinkedIn and give her a follow on Twitter.



Gabo Loaiza


Gabo Loaiza has always had a passion for basketball which, in some ways, took over his life. He may be the most titled person on this list with Master’s degrees in Sports Performance, Teacher Training and Coaching and Sports Psychology.


He is currently the head coach at Swedish team, Wetterbygden Basketball and is extremely active on Twitter, sharing his breakdowns, often using KlipDraw, of all aspects of the game from the NBA, Euroleague and all points in between.


Gabo is active on both Twitter and YouTube. Check him out there.



Chris Oliver


Here’s an basketball expert with years of experience and a raft of qualifications behind him…


Coach Chris Oliver has more than 20 years of coaching experience at university level. He has been head coach at the University of Windsor for the last 14 years where his record has been impressive, winning over 300 games. In addition, he is a three-time recipient of the OUA Basketball Coach of the Year Award and has lifted many trophies with his team.


In 2014, Chris founded the Basketball Immersion website, a place where he could share his coaching techniques and years of wisdom with coaches around the globe and where all these coaches could form a community in order to pool their accumulated knowledge.


As you can probably see, Coach Oliver is a busy man and yet he still finds time to post informative videos, hints, tips and news on his social media channels. The man’s a machine (and he’s pretty good with KlipDraw too)!


Fins Chris on Twitter, Youtube and the Basketball Immersion podcast.



Join the Community


So, there you have...a very small selection of KlipArtists active in our little community. Between the five analysts there are literal years of experience on display, experience that, when combined with KlipDraw, makes for amazing sports video analysis.


If you’d like to join our little community, we’d love to have you. If you’re already a KlipDraw user, come join us on any of our social media channels where we share content from these five and many others. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Come on over!


If you’re not yet a KlipDraw user, feel free to follow us on social media, of course, but why not get a little more hands-on with a completely free, no obligation trial? Download it today…



In the meantime, if you have any question about anything which appeared in this article, please get in contact with us through TwitterFacebookInstagram or LinkedIn. We’d be happy to help you!


Until next time, go and explore some of the content created by these five great analysts. 


You’ll be glad you did! 

Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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