5 Influential Football Coaches to Follow


12-May-2021 | 7 minute read

In a previously published article, we highlighted 5 basketball coaches and analysts who we consider to be exemplary KlipDraw users who our users should follow on social media. Today, we’d like to do the same for football…


These 5 KlipDrawers produce videos which are informative and innovative. They teach us something about the game of football and we’re more than happy to highlight them and their work. We’ll include samples of their work and a link to their social media accounts. We suggest you seek them out and give them a follow.


Obviously, there are many more KlipDrawers active in our community and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed and shared their videos and insights. Unfortunately, we can’t include EVERYONE in this article, but, believe us when we say that we’d like to. Keep sharing your work and we’ll do a follow up article in the future. Thank you!


For now, let’s meet our first KlipDrawer…

Eelco Schattorie



Coming out of the Netherlands, Eelco is a UEFA Pro Coach who has coached in Europe, Saudi Arabia and India. Check out his website for a full summary of his impressive CV.


He is active on both Twitter and LinkedIn and shares work that is detailed and intricate, exactly the type of thing we want to show off in this article. Mostly analysing English Premier League games, Eelco has the ability to filter and show examples of tactical plays which both inform and teach the viewer.


And his use of KlipDraw is fantastic, using the tool to enhance the message of his videos...the sign of a great communicator.





Nouman is a KlipDrawing enigma, a man of mystery. Who is he? Nobody knows! His Twitter and YouTube bios give very little away.


What we can tell you is that Nouman is based in Canada and is a qualified football coach. Also, his videos are full of deep insights into the game. Mostly focusing on the English Premier league, Nouman likes nothing better than taking a close look under the hood of a manager’s tactics or analysing the skills of an individual player.


He also posts videos which are educative with titles such as “How to Become a Smart Midfielder”.


A must follow.


Bruno Petrocelli



Heading across to Brazil now, Bruno Petrocelli is a South American analyst who has caught our eye of late with his in-depth analysis work on YouTube where, as well as informative reports on Brazilian clubs, he also dedicates time to European football and individual players.


Bruno is also active on Twitter where he provides a constant stream of football information, insights and news.


If you are Portugese speaker who has even a passing interest in South American soccer, seek out Bruno now.





Tacticano, otherwise known as Ahmed Sayed is another favourite of ours here at KlipDraw. His YouTube channel is filled to the brim with great videos with great production, analysing games from around the world.


Coming out of Egypt, the majority of Tacticano’s videos are in Arabic, but just recently he has started to subtitle them in English, like the one above. This is great news for non-Arabic speakers, as we can now fully enjoy Ahmed’s passion and dedication to the game, his analytical insights and, of course, his great use of KlipDraw.


Check him out on Twitter and YouTube




Moving a bit further east to the UAE, we find MitsoJR. Mitso or Mohamed Eid as he's otherwise known, is active on both Instagram and Youtube and aims to not only inform but to educate with his fantastic videos.


With titles such as “How to Perform Counter Attacks” and “How to Improve Your Awareness and Decision Making”, MitsoJR’s videos are a treasure trove for those who want to improve their coaching.


He also provides tactical analysis of teams and managers, individual reports and a section for getting deep down into an explanation of various tactical elements of the game.


Check him out now…


And What About You?


Ok, so that's our list of some of our favourite coaches, analysts, YouTubers and influencers...but what about you?


If you've got some analysis work that you'd like to share with us, upload your videos and tag us and, if you've recently started using Motion, use the hashtag #RevealTheGame so we can see the fruits of your labour.


If you haven't started KlipDrawing yet, then perhaps it's time to join the community! You can download a free 30-day trial version of any of our products...click the link below to get started.



If you've got any questions about anything you have read in this article or about KlipDraw in general, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.


Thanks for reading!

Written By

Duncan Ritchie

KlipDraw Communications

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