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What Does a Sports Performance Analyst Do?

Ever thought about the role of a sports performance analyst and wondered what exactly the job entails? Maybe you're thinking of a change of career and are wondering if you could cut the mustard in this field?   Well, we’re here to help....

What Skills and Characteristics Does a Sports Performance Analyst Need?

In a previous blog, we spoke about what a Sports Performance Analyst does and what their role is within a club.   Today, we’d like to follow up on that and talk about the skills and character traits that an inspiring analyst might need t...

5 Influential Basketball Coaches to Follow on Twitter

KlipDraw is a versatile tool. Of this there is absolutely no doubt. You just need to look at the KlipDraw roster of coaches, technical staff, influencers and casual users to see this. And they come from all walks of life, from amateurs to professiona...

5 Influential Football Coaches to Follow

In a previously published article, we highlighted 5 basketball coaches and analysts who we consider to be exemplary KlipDraw users who our users should follow on social media. Today, we’d like to do the same for football…   These...

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