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Advanced analysis with animated tools

One step beyond in the field of sport video analysis with KlipDraw Animate. Enjoy a full editing experience with animated telestration tools, which allow analysts to dynamically explain concepts and create sequences of graphics.

Available for Windows 7, 8 and 10. For Mac users, read this info

software compatible with SO Windows
Move your players with telestration tool

Upgrade from KlipDraw BASIC

If you already own a KlipDraw Basic and want to get the full potential of Animate, you can do it by just paying the difference between both licenses.

This is what you can do!

Up to 10 registers in every project

You can create a maximum of 10 registers in each project and add drawings, animation and text to every one of them.

Add audio and My notes

As well as the drawing tools, you can also add audio notes and save frequently recurring text blocks for easy repetition.

Sequenced graphics

Tell your story in parts by creating animated graphics, which can be shown as a sequence to reveal the bigger picture.

Move your players

Create virtual routes

This tool lets you simulate routes. Virtually move players to different positions to show them multiples routes or trajectories providing a different view of the action.

Spotlight and highlight tools allow you highlight elements

Grab audience attention

If you need your audience to focus on a specific part of the video, you will have multiple animated highlighting tools available.

  • Circle & squared magnifiers to increase the size of an element in the video.
  • Highlight tools to shade a frame, revealing only a selected region.
  • Spotlight or Shaft of light to engage the viewer to a certain figure in the video.
Use zoom tools to highlight elements


There are moments in sport which are decided by details. So it’s possible you would need to zoom one or multiple elements in your frames. These are your options:

  • Circle & squared magnifiers to increase the size of an element in the video.
  • Animated zoom, so you can magnify more than one element being shown sequentially.
Move your players

Find out metrics

There’s no need to make external calculations or guess numbers, as you can create metrics graphics to show angles and distances between multiple units.

Move your players

Animated paths and tracks

A full range of animated 2D and 3D arrows and lines (straight, lobs, curved or freehand...) to illustrate paths, trails or any other trajectory you may need to transmit in any phase of play.

Sparkle players
Glitter tool

Sparkle players or animated tools

The Glitter Tool is sparkling effect wich can be added to players in the frame to grab attention or just add them before or at the end of your animations to create a flashing effect.

Move your players

Discover vision angles

Simulate a player’s eyesight to reproduce a vision angle. A cone of light appears to represent where that person is looking.

Move your players

Mark players or groups

Mark players with animated 3D circles acting as bases to highlight their positions on the pitch. You can also link bases to show lines, groups or any other tactical concept.

Add texts and labels

Supplement clips with extra info

When drawings don’t explain everything, some extra tools can supplement your frames with more detail: speech bubbles, customised & predefined text boxes and pictures for example.

Move your players

Customise shapes at your convenience

Standard shapes which are common to any video editing software (squares, circles, triangles or diamonds) can be customised by dragging points or adding new ones. This will let coaches customise forms or patterns at their convenience.

Rotate objects

Rotate objects in 3D

Insert logos or any other picture in the frame and rotate them as if they were 3D object so you can adapt them to the camera perspective or to the pitch.

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