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KlipDraw Basic: perfect option for entry-level performance analysts.

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Perfect choice for essential needs

KlipDraw Basic is the perfect option for entry-level analysts or coaches getting started in the field of sport video analysis. You will get basic telestration tools to illustrate your ideas to your audience. Essential drawing tools to make the most out of your analysis workflows.

Available for Windows 7, 8 and 10. For Mac users, read this info

software compatible with SO Windows
Move your players with telestration tool

Upgrade to KlipDraw ANIMATE

Upgrade to a higher program by just paying the difference between products. You will benefit from animated tools that allow you to tell your story sequentially.

This is what you can do!

Move your players

Move players to new position

Move a player (or any other object) to a new position in the playing field with this tool. You can also create layers by extracting objects (like players) to then draw behind them.

Move your players

Measure distance or angles

Simply measure the distance between two points in your video using a unit of measurement you select. You can also discover the angle of any part of the video automatically.

Move your players Move your players

Highlight items in your plays

If you want to highlight a specific item on your video, you have different tools available:

  • The Spotlight tool to simulate a coloured beam of light to illuminate a specific area or player.
  • The Highlight tool to focus attention by darkening the rest of the frame.
  • The Magnifier Tool zooms a specific area.
  • The Highlighted Magnifier mixes zooming an area and darkening the rest of the frame.
Move your players

Circle players or areas

Centre attention onto players, areas or any other element in your video with the 3D Circles. You can link them to show continuity and playing shapes.

Move your players

Draw 3D arrows

Visually represent different movements with this tool.

Move your players

Show vision angles

This tool creates a visual representation of a player’s field of view.

Move your players

Create lines, arrows and shapes

Standard telestration tools including lines (full and dashed ones), arrows and shapes (polygons and editable shapes) to show common ideas in your sport videos.

Add texts and labels on your video.

Add text boxes and labels

Create and display text boxes and labels on your videos to supplement them with more information.

Add audio and My notes

As well as the drawing tools, you can also add audio notes and save frequently recurring text for easy repetition.

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