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KlipDraw Animate is the perfect tool to start in the world of video analysis. Edit your videos by adding drawings, transitions and animations to spotlight your messages in a more effective and visual way.

This course delves deeply on how to use every single option or tool available in the software so you will be able make the most out of KlipDraw in order to improve your team performance.

What are you going to learn?

1. Introduction to KlipDraw

- A short story of video analysis

- Visual learning and player development through video

2. First steps with KlipDraw

- Working with your video

- Drawing on your video

3. Getting started

- Using the Basic Klipdraw tools

- Exporing all Arrow tools

- Highlight players and actions

Spotlights tools

Circles tools

Glitter tool

Vision angle tool

- Highlighting an Area

Editing shapes

Area tools

- Inserting Texts

Text configuration

Text labels

Predefined text boxes

My notes

- Area extension


Dynamic zoom

- Measurement tools

Angle tools

Distance tool

- Object mover

Different ways to use the object mover tool

Route simulator

4. Managing your sequence drawings

- Time parameters of your drawings

- Drawing without animation

5. Make a video

- Managing and editing your animations

- Exporting a list of registers

- Add a voice recording to a register

- Audio/video configuration for exporting videos

6. KlipDraw integrated into Nacsport

- Drawings in Nacsport

- Edit register properties

- Add drawings to presentations

Who is it for?

Coaches or performance analysts starting in the field of video analysis who want to use a simple but effective tool with best quality-price ratio in the market.

Are there any requirements to start the course?

As you are receiving a FREE 3-month KlipDraw Animate license when you start the course, you don’t need to be a user before to apply for this course.

To check the technical requirements for the correct functioning of KlipDraw on your computer, please click here.

KlipDraw cannot be installed directly onto Mac OS. For more information, read our frequently asked questions by clickling here.

Why do you have to take this course?

100% online

No physical attendance required. You can complete this training at your own pace in any part of the world.

Intensive training

Students will have 14 days to finish this training, but they can shorten it at their discretion.

Official certificate

The company will issue an official diplomma certifying the student has successfully completed the training.

In English

Texts and videos are in English language.

Expert teachers

Every teacher is an expert in the use of the software and they have been carefully selected to share their expertise with students.

Free 3-month license

Make the most out of this training and explore the software without any extra cost for 90 days.


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Course Details

Starts: 27/01/2021

Register until: 24/01/2021

Length: Intensive (14 days max.)

Modules: 6

Evaluation: Test + Practice

Language: English, Spanish

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