How to Change KlipDraw License to MacOS

Installation and License

 If you currently use KlipDraw on Windows and would like to make the change to MacOS, complete the following steps:


NOTE: Before begin this process, check your Apple computer is updated to MacOS Big Sur to ensure compatibility with KlipDraw. Please check this list to make sure your computer is compatible with Big Sur. (CLICK HERE).


1.    Open the contact form (CLICK HERE).

2.    Complete your details.

3.    Choose subject: CHANGE FROM WINDOWS TO MAC

4.    More details: you MUST include the email address from which you made the original purchase and your license number (l with which you made the purchase and the license number (WHERE TO FIND YOUR LICENSE NUMBER).


When our team receives all this information they will deactivate your license from your current computer, allowing you to install it on MacOS.


What Next?


1.    We will contact you to confirm that deactivation has been successful.

2.    Download and install KlipDraw for MacOS via the web (CLICK HERE). Our system automatically detects the operating system.

3.    Open the program and insert your license number to activate.

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Need Help?

If you want to speak to a member of the KlipDraw team, click here and complete the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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