What to Do If Your Antivirus Blocks the Download or Installation of KlipDraw

Installation and License

Although we’re constantly working hard so that this happens less and less, you may have experienced problems when downloading and installing KlipDraw due to your antivirus program blocking it.


In this post, we’ll explain why this happens and show you how to solve the issue so you can enjoy KlipDraw without a hitch.


Why Does This Happen? 


Antivirus is designed for one purpose...to keep your computer safe from malicious software.


So, when you start a new process such as downloading and installing software or visiting web pages, the antivirus software is vigilant against potential threats.


Due to the speed at which threats appear, the software is in constant evolution and, due to this speed, sometimes they flag something as a virus which definitely isn’t. This is known in computing as a false positive.


As we said earlier, we work hard so that your antivirus doesn’t flag a false positive when working with KlipDraw but due to the amount of antivirus programs on the block and the speed at which the update, it’s not always possible.


What to Do When This Happens


The producers of antivirus software are well aware of this situation and, therefore, offer the possibility of authorising blocked downloads. This gives the user the power to say that they trust the software they are attempting to install.


In this article, we explain the process for doing this in one of the most common antivirus programs on the market (Avast) and, if you find yourself in the same position but with a different antivirus software, the process will be similar. 


With Avast there are two ways to add KlipDraw as an exception: 


(a) Authorisation from the Pop-Up


If, during the download or installation process, a pop-up window appears informing you of possible malicious software, you can add an exception by doing the following.


•    Click "More Options"


•    Select "Create Exception"

(b) From the Antivirus Menu


If the whole process has been completed correctly and you still can’t open the program, Avast may have blocked the program for the same reason.


In this case, you must authorise KlipDraw from the antivirus itself:


•    Open your antivirus


•    Access the Avast Options -> General


•    Enter the Exclusions section


•    Select Browse and find the KlipDraw file on your computer


Resources and Bibliography


If you need more information, here are some resources from the best-known antivirus companies on the market. 


Avast: https://support.avast.com/en-ww/article/Antivirus-scan-exclusions


Norton: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v3672136


McAfee: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB50

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