Integrate KlipDraw with Nacsport

Installation and License

If you use both Klipdraw AND Nacsport, we recommend that you do not install KlipDraw as a standalone program, but instead integrate it with Nacsport.


Why do we recommend this? Basically, an integrated solution will ensure that there are no compatibility issues between them as they both share common elements.


To activate your KlipDraw license in Nacsport, follow these steps: 


1. Open Nacsport.


2. Select: Main Menu > Support and Licence > Check for Updates. This updates your license to the latest version. You can skip this step if you have the "Auto Check For Updates" option enabled. 


3. Click on the three dots in the upper toolbar. Then select: Configuration > KlipDraw.


Input the license code and the email you used for the purchase and validate by clicking Activate License.



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