Does KlipDraw run on my computer?

These are the minimum requirements your computer will need to properly run our software.

Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Windows 10

RAM Memory

4 Gb

8 Gb


Intel© Core i3 or similar

Intel© Core i5 or higher

Free disk space

At least 300MB

2 Gb (Hard Disk SSD recommended)

All Windows updates

Last .NET Framework version

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KlipDraw Basic is a perfect option for entry-level analysts or coaches getting started in the field of sport video analysis.

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One step beyond in the field of sport video analysis with KlipDraw Animate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you!

Can I test the software before buying it?

Yes, anyone can test the software for free over a 30 day period. The period will begin at the moment of the installation of the software.

Can I only use KlipDraw on a single sport?

No, KlipDraw can be used to edit videos from any kind of activity: sport events, education, medicine, security…

Can I install KlipDraw on Apple (Mac OS) computers?

KlipDraw software has been designed for the Windows operating system. For this reason, if you want to run KlipDraw on your Apple computer (with Mac OS X), you must first install Windows and then our video analysis software onto that machine. We recommend you install Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

You have two options:

Boot Camp: Easy way to install Windows is by using Boot Camp. Boot Camp is installed by default on the Mac if you have version 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.

Using the Boot Camp tool, you must install the operating system and any available service packs (the best option is Windows 7, 8 or 10). Once you have this all installed, you can run KlipDraw.

Find more information about Boot Camp in the following link Boot Camp

Emulation software: Another way to install Windows on an Apple computer is by trying one of the following tools, known as “emulation software”: Parallels, VMWare, Virtual Box.

Can I use KlipDraw with an iPad/iPhone or Android tablet?

No, KlipDraw will only work on Windows 8 Pro or Windows 10 Pro tablets, for example Microsoft® Surface Pro.

Can I use KlipDraw in 2 computers?

A KlipDraw license is only valid for a single computer, so if you want to use in 2 computers you will need 2 different licenses.

Can I use any video to work with KlipDraw?

KlipDraw can work with the most common video files (.avi; .mov; .mpeg; .mpg; .mod; .mts; .m2ts; .mp4; .m4v; .ts; .m2t)

Can I use KlipDraw tools in other software?

Yes, all KlipDraw tools are integrated in the Nacsport video analysis software. You will find more information on the following link.

What kind of file will I get from KlipDraw?

You can get 2 different files:

1.- A video with the original video’s resolution and .mp4 format. This file can be played in any device (iPad/iPhone, Android devices, computers…)

2.- A .jpg file with the drawings you have made.

Can I still use KlipDraw If my license expires?

No, in case this happens you will need to get a new license for a 6 month or 1 year period.

Is KlipDraw a monthly subscription service?

No, KlipDraw licenses will have a 6 month or 1 year duration and you will make just a single payment. After that period, you will need to get a new license in order to keep working.

With KlipDraw Animate, can I make drawings following a player or object while the video is being played?

No, you can’t. With KlipDraw Animate you can make animated drawings over a static frame. Click this video for more information.

Can I make a drawing on the video while it’s being played?

No, you can’t. With KlipDraw Animate you can make animated drawings over a static frame. Click this video for more information.

If I am a KlipDraw Basic user... can I upgrade to KlipDraw Animate?

Yes, you can upgrade your Nacsport Basic to KlipDraw Animate in any moment, by just paying the difference between both prices. When you upgrade the license, the expiry date of the new license will be the same as the existing licence that was upgraded.

The upgrade from KlipDraw Basic to KlipDraw Animate must be made in the same computer where the KlipDraw Basic had been installed. Once the upgrade is made, KlipDraw Basic is disabled.

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