Where to Find Your License Number

Installation and License

The KlipDraw license is an alphanumeric code you need to activate your KlipDraw license for the amount of time you’ve paid for (6 months or a year). 


The license is basically the key to the program. Without a license, KlipDraw can only be used for 30 days, the trial period available to everyone. After those 30 days, a license number is needed to continue using the program.


The license number is also used to identify KlipDraw users, so we recommend saving the number, so it can be easily found in case of:


•    Issues with your computer or the program.

•    Taking advantage of special KlipDraw offers.

•    Upgrading to a higher version of KlipDraw.


If the license number hasn’t been saved, don’t worry, it’s easy to find:


1.    Open menu Settings > Activate license. 

2.    Find the heading License number. 

3.    Copy and paste to use.


This short video will demonstrate exactly where to find the KlipDraw license number.


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