Tracking with KlipDraw Motion

Tools and Features

Full motion tracking is a tool which is unique to KlipDraw Motion.


As the name implies, it allows you to track a player with a Spotlight or other design element whilst the video is in full flow.



How to Start Tracking with Motion


1. Find the part of the video where you want to start tracking.


2. Select the drawing tool and the object you want to track (player, ball, etc.)


Note: Tool size can be adjusted using the mouse wheel.


Making Manual Corrections


Occasionally, especially when there are many players together in the same part of the pitch, the KlipDraw tracking engine may lose the correct player it is supposed to be following.


This is very easy to correct.


Use the manual selector to indicate from where the tracking should continue. It will automatically correct itself.

Finish Tracking


When you want to finish tracking, press the record icon or either “O” or “S” keys to complete the process.


Note: When tracking is complete, you can edit the length, colour and size of the tracking tool. 


Static images, text and emojis can all be incorporated into the timeline and tracking sequence.

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