KlipDraw Conditions of Sale

We kindly ask you to read the following conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions") carefully, as they contain important information about your rights and obligations when purchasing KlipDraw products. At the time of purchasing one of our products (hereinafter referred to as "items"), we assume that you have understood and accepted the following conditions. However, these conditions of sale will in no way affect the rights that you have as a consumer under the national laws that apply.


The conditions found below will apply to all commercial transactions (hereinafter referred to as the "transaction") that are carried out through this website or directly with an employee of our company and third parties who buy any product or service offered. 


Klipdraw is a registered trademark of the company Aligfra Digital Canarias, headquartered at Calle Dr. Juan Domínguez Pérez, 20, 2nd floor, Office 7-1, zip code 35008, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Registered in the commercial registry of Las Palmas on page 161, general volume 2147, page number GC 51666 and 1st registration and CIF (Fiscal Identification Certificate) number B-76266808.


References to "we", or "our" are construed as referring to KlipDraw. References to “you” are interpreted as the person or entity that placed an order through the website. 


1. Order and Acceptance

1.1. Characteristics of the products and services

The essential characteristics of the products and services offered in the KlipDraw online store appear on the website: www.klipdraw.com


1.2. Purchase process


To place an order for items in the KlipDraw online store you have the following options:


1.2.1. Buy online through the Avangate payment gateway


  1. Visit the KlipDraw online store: www.klipdraw.com and select the item you want to order.

  2. KlipDraw will then redirect you to the Avangate payment gateway.

    1. Complete all the requested information and select the payment method from the available options. 

    2. Review the details of the order before placing it and confirm the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the refund policy.

    3. Once the order is placed, you will receive confirmation.

    4. If the process has been successful, you will receive the acceptance of the order.

    5. We will send you a license number.


 1.2.2. Purchase by bank transfer


  1. Visit the KlipDraw online store: www.klipdraw.com and select the item (product) you wish to order.

  2. Click on the "Bank Transfer" button.


  1. Upon completing the form, an email will be sent to our team with your request.

  2. We will send you the bank details so that you can make the deposit. 

  3. You must make the deposit to the aforementioned account and send us the proof of payment.

  4. Once we receive the payment, we will send you the license number. 


2. Legal Representation


2.1. Legal capacity


You must have legal capacity to use the KlipDraw website in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this document. 


2.2. Correct personal details 


You must ensure that all the details you provide when placing your order are current, accurate, true and sufficient for us to complete your order.


If the program is acquired in the name of an entity, the contact person who registers at the time of purchase will be responsible for the license. This person will be the only one authorised to request or confirm the resolution of any incident with the license.


2.3. Contact methods


We will ask you for an email address and a phone number at the time of order. They will be the methods for contacting you. Email will be our preferred contact method. 


3. Prices, Terms and Payment Methods


3.1. Price


The price of the items are those shown on the website at the time of acceptance, unless there is an offer or campaign, or another price has been expressly agreed. 


3.2. Price corrections


Despite the efforts we have put into writing these conditions and, in general, all of our commercial information, it is possible that there are inadvertent errors or inaccuracies in the price or description of the products. In such cases, after clarification, you can cancel your order at no additional cost and request a refund of the amount.


3.3. Changes in price


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, as the company that owns KlipDraw, reserves the right to change the prices of the items that appear on the website at any time. These changes will not affect already accepted orders. The final price of the item will always be reflected in the confirmation of your order. 


3.4. Taxes


The prices displayed on the website do not include any applicable taxes that (where applicable) must be added to the price paid (the charges referenced on the website).


3.5. Acceptance of taxes


By accepting these terms, we understand that you agree to pay taxes as specified on the website at the time of ordering.


3.6. Payment options


Payment can only be made through any of the options specified on the website. 


  • Credit / debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. 

  • Bank transfer.


3.7. Use of third party services 


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL reserves the right to use authorised third parties to assist with certain payment processing and other transaction functions, which may require the secure use and transfer of your personal and / or payment information. 


Your information will not be shared for any other reason without your consent. Aligfra Digital Canarias SL reserves the right to change or modify said authorised third parties. 


Our use of third parties is for the benefit of the customer, allowing us to offer more payment methods and thus reduce failed transactions.


3.8. Delivery of product 


Once payment has been made and confirmation received, the license number will be sent, that is, delivery of the purchased product, through the method that both parties have agreed upon. 


The program will be downloaded directly from the web, through a link provided by our team. 


3.9. Payment by transfer


For payment by transfer, you must send us proof of payment. This order can be rejected or blocked in the following days if said payment is not confirmed. 


4. Delivery, Risk of Loss and Damage


4.1. Estimated Delivery Times


Delivery dates and times listed on the website or in any communication from KlipDraw are estimates. The delivery will take place after the acceptance of the order and, at the latest, three (3) days after this date. 


In the unlikely event that we cannot deliver the product within this period, you have the right to cancel the order and request a refund of the payment.


4.2. Place of delivery

The delivery will be made to the electronic address (email address) that you provided when placing the order. For this reason and in order to avoid incidents in the delivery, we ask you to ensure this is correct. If you detect an error, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible.


4.3. Buyer's Responsibility


All risk related to the items, including the risk of loss, will be the responsibility of the buyer once the item has been delivered. 


4.4. Confirmation of product on delivery


You must carefully review the items at the time of delivery to ensure that they conform to their description. Otherwise, you can return them in accordance with the conditions and any applicable return policy.


4.5. Damage or loss

We will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by: (i) faulty installation of the product and / or services; (ii) the use of the product and / or services in connection with other defective, inappropriate or incorrectly installed equipment that has not been supplied by us; (iii) negligence on the part of the buyer, improper use of the products and / or services or any other use not in accordance with our instructions.


5. Licenses


All products (items) referenced on the website are licensed under a KlipDraw agreement. The purchaser is bound by user license agreements, as well as other third-party software license terms that may be embedded in our products (see “License Agreement”).


The use of the software is described in and governed by this "License Agreement." You must read, understand and accept the terms contained in this document before placing an order and using our products.  


5.1. License installation


Each license works on a single computer. It cannot be deactivated and installed on another.


5.2. License Renewal


License renewal is not an automatic process. It must be done through the KlipDraw purchase page. You will receive a notification email 15 days before expiration of current license.


5.2. Technical support and updates service


The support and updates service is included in the price during the term of the license.


6. Cancellation, Return and Refund Rights


6.1. Buyer's rights


6.1.1. Order cancellation


You can cancel your order (partially or totally) for any reason, at any time, during a period of fifteen (15) calendar days after the order confirmation ("Cancellation Period"), as long as it has not been activated. This is why we recommend that you try the free version before purchasing.


To exercise this right of cancellation, you must inform us of your decision through an express written statement. 


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, as the company that owns KlipDraw, will refund the payment made within fifteen (15) calendar days after the date you informed us of your decision. The refund will be made through the same payment method that you used at the time of ordering, unless both parties agree otherwise.


6.1.2. Exceptions to cancellation


Cancellation and, therefore, refund of money cannot be requested in the following situations: 


  1. In the case of electronically downloaded products, you downloaded your product after having expressly agreed to the immediate execution of the contract, acknowledging your right of cancellation of the purchase once you activated the product.

  2. In the case of services, once the services have been fully provided, the provision began at the moment in which you expressly requested the immediate provision of the service and we warn that you would lose your rights to cancel the contract, once the service is running.

    If the service was not fully provided and you requested the provision within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of the order confirmation email, you will be charged an amount proportional to the service provided from the point when you informed us about your decision to cancel the contract.


6.2. Cancellation policy


Regardless of any statutory right, Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, as the owner of KlipDraw, offers a money-back guarantee for most of its products and services. 


This return guarantee will depend on the type of product, the duration, the period that has elapsed since the transaction and the place where the purchase was made, among other conditions.


6.3. Attention of requests 


For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that you decide to cancel the purchase and request a refund, we will attend your request by default in the exercise of your statutory cancellation rights for the purposes of these conditions, if applicable.

In that case, the refund will be made in accordance with section 6.1. Please note that you will not be able to make a later request under the KlipDraw return policy.


6.4. Requirements 


If you are not eligible for a refund under your statutory cancellation rights, you may still be able to make a claim under KlipDraw's return policy. In that case, the reimbursement will be made as described in section 6.2.


6.5. Obligation to remove the program 

If you decide to cancel the purchase, you will be obliged to uninstall and remove the software from your device. If necessary, we may ask you for electronic and written confirmation that you have deleted the program and have not made any copies. 


7. Duration of Contract


7.1. Benefit of Use


Once you have purchased the product, you will benefit from it for as long as your contract states, be it six months or a year.


7.2. Term


The term of the contract begins when the payment is confirmed and the license is sent. From that moment on, you will be able to benefit from the use of the product for the time you stated in your contract. We recommend that you install and activate the license for your product immediately after purchase, using the instructions sent by email. 


Carefully read the documentation and the license agreement that govern the use of the product (See point 5).


7.3. Non-payment


In the event of non-payment on the dates described in this document, we may: (i) suspend or interrupt the delivery of the product and / or (ii), by written notification, cancel your order and some or all of the contracts entered into between both parties.



8. Promotions


There are no promotions available.


9. Privacy


We recommend that you review the Aligfra Digital SL Privacy Policy, included on this website, and which regulates your visits to the website, as well as any transaction and / or related information that, when placing an order on the website, you have accepted. 


10. Unauthorised Products and Brand Protection


10.1. License and Product


Altering, separating, or disassembling our products for distribution, transfer, resale or any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Separating a license key from the associated software and transferring the license key to a third party is strictly prohibited.


10.2. Product protection 


There are technical protection measures in our products, which have been designed to prevent their illegal or unlicensed use. By using KlipDraw, we assume that you agree to the use of such measures to protect against software piracy.


10.3. Fraudulent purchases


KlipDraw products are purchased directly from the company or, failing that, from any of our authorised distributors. If we observe that the purchase is made with a fraudulently obtained credit card or any unauthorised means, we reserve the right to withhold technical assistance or disallow the continuation of the service. 


10.4. Rejection of orders


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL guarantees the right to reject orders, transactions and / or deactivate items obtained by unauthorised means, or that are otherwise in violation of the corresponding license agreement.


11. Warranty


11.1. Legal framework


As a consumer, you have statutory rights under the national laws of your country, which includes legal guarantees related to unsatisfactory products and services with defects or in a minimum period of two (2) years, or as stipulated in the national laws of your country from the delivery of the products and services. Nothing in these conditions will affect these legal rights.


11.2. Guarantees and promises


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, as the company that owns Klipdraw, does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the items except those specified in section 10.1, section 6 and the provisions of the applicable terms of service or license agreement. .


11.3. Claims


For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that you decide to make a legal guarantee claim to Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, your request will be considered by default as the exercise of your statutory legal guarantee rights under section "10.1" for purposes of these conditions if applicable. 


Please note that you will not be able to make a subsequent request under the applicable return policy, license agreements or terms of service.  

12. Limitation of Liability


12.1. Limitation


Nothing in these terms shall exclude or limit KlipDraw's responsibilities, the limitation or exclusion of which is legally prohibited. In all other cases, KlipDraw's liability towards you or any third party will be limited to the price paid for the product.


12.2. Loss


KlipDraw is not responsible for indirect loss. KlipDraw will not be liable in any event for loss of data, loss or damage to property, or loss related to any customer business, including but not limited to loss of revenue, loss of profit or interruption to the business.


12.3. Incidental or consequential damage


Some countries do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the above limitations or exclusions in section 11.2 may not apply to you.


13. Property Rights


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL will retain all property rights to the products, services and the website, and all trade names, trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property rights associated with the products and services or that appear on them. 


You will not be able to remove, alter or hide any copyright or trademark notification or legend or other proprietary notification of Aligfra Digital Canarias SL that is included in its products and services.


14. Force Majeure


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, as the owner of KlipDraw, will not be responsible for non-compliance due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond reasonable control, including, among others, natural disasters, war (declared or not), riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, terrorist attacks or threat of terrorist attacks, fires, floods, accidents, strikes, stoppages, failures in infrastructure and public and private telecommunication networks or shortage of transport, facilities, fuel, energy, manpower work or materials. 


In the event of any of these circumstances, Aligfra Digital Canarias SL, as the owner of KlipDraw, will be exempt from its liability to the extent that it is affected by them.


15. Export Regulations


By purchasing the product, you agree that related technical data and services (collectively "Controlled Technology") may be subject to the export and import laws of certain countries. In particular, to the export administration regulations, and the laws of any country where it is imported or re-exported. 


You agree to comply with all applicable laws and not export "Controlled Technology" in violation of the law or to any prohibited country, entity or person for which an export license or any other government approval is required. 


The use or provision of KlipDraw products for activities related to the design, development, manufacture or testing of nuclear, biological or chemical materials, missiles, drones or space vehicles capable of distributing weapons of mass destruction is prohibited, or related to training on them, in accordance with the law.


16. General


16.1. Applicable legislation, competent authority and disputes


These conditions will be governed by the pertinent laws of Spain. Both parties agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Spain regarding these conditions and any matter related to them. 


However, none of the provisions of the conditions will restrict the rights you may have under consumer protection legislation or other applicable laws existing in your jurisdiction. 


If any dispute arises between both parties, they will submit for the resolution of conflicts and waive any other jurisdiction, to the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands. Spain).


16.2. Modification of terms


Aligfra Digital Canarias SL reserves the right to modify these conditions without prior notice, and their validity coincides with the publication on the website. 


No change will affect an order that has already been accepted by KlipDraw, unless you expressly agree otherwise. 


Each time you place an order with us, the most recent sales conditions in force will apply.


16.3. Contact information


In case of doubt about these conditions, incidence or help with your order and, in general, for any other question, you can contact us at: 



C /. Dr. Juan Domínguez Pérez, 20, 2º Planta office 7 1

35008. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain

E-mail: sales@klipdraw.com 

Telephone: (+34) 928 363 816

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 20:00 (UTC + 0) 


Last document modification: November 12th, 2021